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True Garden & Agrotonomy Offer Tower Farms Worldwide

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True Garden ltd. is proud to have partnered with Agrotonomy Corp. for the development of international Tower Farms worldwide!

Together, we have set up Tower Farms indoors and outdoors in the USA, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Africa, and in Southeast Asia (coming soon to South America).

Although the Tower Garden for home-use is only available in the USA, Canada and in 16 European countries, our fully automated aeroponic Tower Farm systems are available worldwide.

Tower Farms are being shipped directly from the US as fully automated systems including the irrigation and the dozing equipment which delivers the water and nutrients automatically to each tower on an as-needed basis.

True Garden provides Tower Garden training for the residential market as well as commercial Tower Farm training for professionals. Meanwhile, our partners at Agrotonomy offer on-site staff training worldwide as well as Tower Farm install supervision services for our international clientele.

True Garden and Agrotonomy’s combined experience and international clientele portfolio position us as the leaders in our industry.

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From left to right, Mathias Levarek – CEO of Agrotonomy Corp, Troy Albright – CEO of True Garden, and Tim Blank – Inventor of Tower Garden Technology

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