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Demand for locally grown foods

 The United States’ healthcare crisis continues to spin out of control, with no end in sight. As a result, many families are practicing preventive medicine through healthy living, and are consuming more local, natural, and organic fruits and vegetables. 

Troy took the situation into his own hands, and in 2013 built Arizona’s largest indoor vertical aeroponic greenhouse supplying the people of Arizona with fresh clean local food to this very day!

Owner and operator of True Garden, Troy Albright, knows this to be true. Troy is a compound pharmacist by trade, with a scientific understanding that food is MEDICINE! After years of serving so many patients throughout Arizona, Troy realized that there was a lack of fresh, clean, local, organic food.

“The demand for locally grown foods has reached critical mass. It has changed the competitive landscape and is now a permanent mainstream trend,” the report’s author and senior agricultural analyst wrote.

The USDA says: “The local food economy is here to stay and growing”. One of the country’s largest lending institutions to the agricultural community, Rabobank, published a report entitled “Local Foods: Shifting the Balance of Opportunity for Regional U.S. Produce.”


The bottom line in Rabobank’s report is: “The local foods trend will continue to expand for fresh produce over the next five years, and growers must adapt their business models to accommodate the desire for local, fresh produce.”

At True Garden we do just that and supply the local public and restaurants with consistent quality produce year-round in the hot desert of Arizona that is grown in our state-of-the-art 5,000 square foot greenhouse.

We also ship over 100 varieties of seedlings to all 50 states. This allows families to address three basic principles:

• 1. Food Sovereignty which is taking control of your food supply!

• 2. Eating CLEAN, healthy, super nutritious, pesticide free food!

• 3. Transforming your health with whole food nutrition!

We at True Garden are proud to be your Partner in better health!

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