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Tower Garden & Tower Farms Ebooks

True Garden and Agrotonomy Tower Farms are proud to announce the release of 2 e-books:

1. Getting the Most Out of Your Aeroponic Tower

This 145-page e-book is addressed to Tower Garden owners. It is packed with pertinent advice aimed at getting better results when using Tower Garden technology for home-use.

We cover a wide array of crops and share a wealth of information based on our extensive experience using Tower Garden technology indoors, outdoors, on rooftops, etc.

The cost of this e-book is $29.

Please note that Getting the Most Out of Your Aeroponic Tower is only currently available as an e-book and not as a printed book version. In fact, each year we add new chapters to our publication and updates are only manageable as an e-book format rather than a printed version.

2. Vertical Farming with Aeroponics

As partners, True Garden and Agrotonomy have set up Tower Farms in the USA, in Europe, in the Middle East, in the West Indies, in Africa, and in Southeast Asia (coming soon to Central America).

We offer Tower Farms’ greenhouse full turnkey solutions specializing in climate-controlled systems designed for extreme climate conditions.

Vertical Farming with Aeroponics is a must for anyone considering setting up a Tower Farm. This book has been written by tower farmers having set up Tower Farms around the world in multiple climates and conditions.

From True Garden’s state-of-the-art greenhouse in Arizona to rooftops in Paris, from the royal palace in Abu Dhabi to Kenya, from the Philippines to Malaysia, from Dubai to Barcelona, and from Jamaica to Sweden (amongst other countries), we have set up successful Tower Farm operations and we are now sharing with you all that needs to be taken into account when considering setting up a Tower Farm.

We cover it all: rate options, technical specs, shipping, minimum order requirements, reseller information, water & electricity consumption, space allocation, nutrients quality & usage, labor involved, crop yield, system installation, training, irrigation system, greenhouse specifications, crop rotations, recommended crops, ROI, KPI, business plan, etc.

The cost of this e-book is $39.

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