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10 Reasons Tower Garden Is a Great Teaching Tool

1.It is easy to grow in the classroom year-round with the use of LED grow lights.

LED indoor grow lights allow you to garden indoors all school year long, which means bodies (and minds) don’t have to leave your learning environment to grow. Tower Garden Home includes the grow lights. You can also add LED indoor grow lights to your Tower Garden FLEX Growing System.

2.Tower Garden takes up less space than a traditional garden.

Tower Garden makes it easy to fit in any classroom space. Whether you purchase a Tower Garden Flex or a Tower Garden Home, you’ll need just 4 square feet of space which is 90% less space when compared to traditional methods.

3. Tower Garden is mobile (with the dolly) and can be shared with multiple classrooms.

With the dolly, you can wheel Tower Garden from the classroom to the cafeteria to the playground—and pretty much anywhere else your students are!

4. With Tower Garden you can grow 30% faster while using only 10% of the water used in traditional gardening.

Tower Garden uses aeroponic technology, which—compared to soil gardening—has been shown to increase yields by as much as 30% and triple the speed of plant growth, while using only 10% of the water and space.

5. Less mess because there is no soil.

Compared to traditional gardening, there’s less hassle and cleanup with Tower Garden, because it doesn’t use soil.

6. Tower Garden engages students with hands on learning.

Not only do students enjoy interacting with the garden, but teachers also see the positive effects the Tower Garden has on all facets of their education. Tower Garden helps kids learn math, vocabulary, science, following directions for safety, critical thinking skills, and confidence.

7. Students can plant their own seeds and watch their plants grow with pride.

Gardening encourages curiosity as students watch what happens when they plant seeds and their plants start to grow. This teaches patience and delays gratification. Watching the first signs of life appear when those little green shoots pop up, is a wonderful feeling! 

8. As the plants grow, they learn fresh produce doesn’t come from a grocery store.

Many kids just think their food comes from the grocery store. Growing in your classroom can teach your students that there is lots of work and patience involved with growing food. When they can see the beginnings of their seed sprout it is so exciting. Your students will love watching it grow. Then because of their patience they will be able to eat the fruits of their labor. It’s such a rewarding process for them.

9. Harvesting from the Tower is fun and can expand their palates as they eat what they grow.

One study found that students involved in hands-on school gardening programs developed an increased snacking preference for fruits and vegetables. The research supporting this type of gardening program continues to rack up. Garden Organic reports many studies in their Growing Health Benefits Report that demonstrate how gardening can be instrumental in preventing obesity as well as other health problems.

10. It’s perfect for STEM learning and Tower Garden offers 30 CCSS- and NGSS-

 lesson plans and learning materials for Pre-K through 7th grade, incorporating Tower Garden into your curriculum will be easy.

Book a Field Trip Now!

What kid doesn’t love a field trip?  By booking a field trip with us your students can see first hand how our Towers work, learn about all the different types of food they can grow and so much more.


Green Bronx Machine

Green Bronx Machine Classroom Curriculum
 Is an immersive whole-school curriculum that aligns the art and science of growing vegetables with daily academic instruction in all subject areas. This project-based and standards-aligned learning experience helps students learn critical thinking and problem solving as they explore, discover, and create… when those little green shoots pop up, is a wonderful feeling! 

Support our students and be your own hero. We grow vegetables…and our vegetables grow students, schools, and communities!  

We run on your philanthropic support. Make an impact today and donate!

Green Bronx Machine can also be found on PBS!

Green Bronx Machine is a  STEM certified curriculum.

Field Trip information

Our field trip package includes:

1 1/2 hours in duration
School Packets for Teachers

1 Seedling of choice for each attendee
4-5 Stations of activities

Time for Q & A session
Tour of the Greenhouse 

We can schedule a field trip for your class on any Tuesday’s at 9:00 or 11:00.

We are an approved ESA vendor. Purchase a Tower, Seedlings and even schedule a field trip using your ESA funds.

**Groups of 10-40 people including adults

To schedule a field trip, please provide the following information:

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