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Purity of the nutrients used for Tower Garden and Tower Farms

In the world of hydroponic farming, aside from light, weather conditions and the quality of the water, everything relies on the excellence of the nutrients used to feed the plants.

We use a Tower Garden proprietary nutrient ionic mineral solution.

This 100% natural nutrients mix is the most unique mineral-based nutrient solution ever formulated. In fact, contrary to conventional hydroponic farming where a different nutrient mixture is needed for each crop, Tower Garden’s aeroponic mineral solution can be used for all vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers.

Aside from the purity of the minerals used to make our nutrient mix, its uniqueness lays in the fact that only one single nutrient solution is needed to grow all crops!

Our mineral solution has been specially formulated to support Tower Garden towers’ highly oxygenated environment and to be used for the seedling process thus creating healthier plants.

You cannot use an organic fertilizer inside an aeroponic system: the water would go “off”… it would be a nest of diseases. Waterborne rotting bacteria would occur.

In fact, as you probably know, organic doesn’t mean just ‘pesticide free’, it mainly refers to a plant or animal based matter which is decaying/rotting/putrefying through the action of bacteria, fungi, and other decomposed organism. At the end, all organic matter convert into the 16 trace minerals needed for plants to grow. Whether the source is plant/animal decayed organic matter or pure extracted minerals, the end result is the same… Minerals are natural occurring substances which cannot be certified organic since they are not decaying/rotting… However, they are as natural (if not more natural) as any organic plant/animal based fertilizer. All indoor farms rely on mineral based nutrients.

We advise you to visit the beyond organic section of our website where we publish a scientific comparative study for crop yield and nutrient density. We have tested and compared over 160 different crops grown on our towers against the best equivalent produce resulting organic farming (soil-based). The results are staggering! Our crop yield is 35 to 50% superior to soil-based organic farming. In all cases, we have an average ranging from 30% to 65% nutrient density increase. Our vegetables are better…much better: this is not an advertising slogan, but something that we prove scientifically!

When it comes to our mineral solution (Tower Tonic), every year, we go through pretty rigorous tests to meet international and domestic standards, including California, Washington state, and Oregon (strictest regulations in the world). The purity of our mineral solution allows us to pass all those government standards every year successfully.

Unlike most all commercial fertilizers and all commercial hydroponic fertilizer blends, we are not adding fillers, dyes, and binding agents. We simply blend with raw pure mineral salts into the 5 gallon pails.

Our nutrients represent the purest form of macro & trace elements which are necessary for a plant to thrive. From a horticulturist perspective, it does not get more natural! Our farming technology is so natural that our towers are even eligible for points for LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED it is the hardest certification to obtain for environmentally correct constructions. We recently set up a Tower Farm in the center of Barcelona inside a renovated factory. Being that such project is all about the environment, they wanted only construction material and urban farming equipment which was eligible for LEED certification since they wanted their construction to be LEED certified. Within our industry, Tower Garden is the only system which is eligible for LEED point…. once again, I am only mentioning this to reassure you concerning the natural character of our farming approach. Tower Farm could never be included within a LEED certified project otherwise!!

The mineral solution used in Tower Farms and Tower Garden units is truly one of the most important element contributing to the efficiency of our aeroponic technology.

Content source from our partner Tower Farm: Agrotonomy

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