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Dried Granny Blank Mint Herb (Common Mint)

Net WT. 0.7 oz. of Dried Granny Blank (Common) Mint Herbs in 4 oz bottle

Offering organic dried chocolate mint herbs grown on a Tower Garden at our Tower Farm in Mesa, Arizona. True Garden grows more than 16,000 living plants a month with more than 100 different varieties of veggies, fruit, herbs, and flowers in about 500 towers. All our dried herbs are grown without the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals. All plants are grown from organic non-GMO seeds.


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Clean, Cooling, Sharp, Sweet (Origin: Egypt, Mediterranean)

Cooler than its cousin peppermint—and also known as garden mint—these fragrant leaves are serene in a welcoming cup of hot, sweet spearmint tea. In Greek and Lebanese cooking, mint adds a fantastic, fresh accent to cucumbers, fresh garden vegetables, and mint is considered to pair well with lamb, duck, chicken, pork or veal.

Many vegetables dishes benefit from the addition of mint, as do Asian dipping sauces, lentils and tabbouleh. It also adds just the right refreshing touch to fruits and fruit salads.

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