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Yellow Sticky Trap

Yellow Sticky Trap – Aphids & Whitefly
2 pack for $3.00

TRAPS PESTS ANYWHERE: The yellow color attracts gnats, aphids, leaf miners, white flies and other flying pests to the plant sticky traps, and the extra strength glue captures and prevents the pests from flying away

WEATHER RESISTANT: Our yellow sticky traps for gnats are perfect for use in the outdoors, the glue surface is waterproof and UV-resistant and will stay sticky and effectively catch pests in various weather conditions

DUAL-SIDED STICKY SURFACE: The dual-sided fungus gnat sticky traps capture pests on both sides and come with a twist tie for hanging if needed. Fungus gnat traps can be used indoors or outdoors.

QUICK, EASY SETUP: Simply peel off the protective film and hang it in desired location or place the sticky glue trap on a stick and plant in the ground.

EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE: Gnat sticky traps for plants are perfect for use in gardens and greenhouses, on patios and porches, and with houseplants and flowers among many other areas.


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