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Lettuce – Dragoon (Mini Romaine)

Green mini romaine.

Compact and uniform. Leaves are thick and have an excellent, crisp texture. Heads are very dense, hold well in the field, and can be marketed with Breen and Truchas for an attractive display. Bolting and tipburn tolerant. For spring, summer, and fall. Suitable for hydroponic systems. Utility Patent granted. High resistance to downy mildew races EU 16–27, 29, 32, 34; US 5–8, Nasonovia ribisnigri aphid, and tomato bushy stunt virus (lettuce dieback complex); and intermediate resistance to lettuce mosaic virus.


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Tower Garden Ready
100% Organic Seeds

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These seedlings are grown locally in our Mesa, Arizona Urban Farm. Our aeroponic seedlings are 100% naturally grown without the use of pesticides nor herbicides. All seedlings are grown from organic non-GMO seeds. Seedlings are carefully shipped and you can easily plant them on your home Tower Garden. We ship to the lower 48 States. All orders that are received by Sunday at Midnight will be shipped the following Tuesday.

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