What’s in your share this week, August 31, 2015

  • August 31, 2015
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Muir lettuce

Muir lettuce

For those of you that have signed up for our weekly CSA box/bag, we will be updating you as to what might show up in your shares for the current week. Because of the nature of farming you may not receive exactly what you see here, but we will strive to be as close as possible to this list.

Your full share may contain:

  • Muir lettuce (green wavy leaved summer crisp)
  • Elegance greens mix
  • Starbor kale (green curled leaves)
  • Parsley, Moss Curled (curly leaf)
  • Spinach
  • Arugula
  • Persian basil (green leaf, distinct licorice flavor)
  • Mint

If you haven’t yet signed up for our CSA program please go to our website, give us a call, or visit us at our farmstand for more information.