Juicing Tower Mix – 32 Seedlings


The Juicing Tower Seedling Package features 32 seedlings including 2 seedlings of Amaranth, 2 seedlings of Mizuna, 2 seedlings of the Mild Micro Mix (blend of mildly flavored brassicas contains mizuna, cabbage, kale, and kohlrabi), 2 seedlings of Spicy Micro Mix (red and green mustards with various textures), 2 seedlings of Red Kingdom (Dark red mizuna-type mustard), 2 seedlings of Red Dandelion, 2 seedlings of Red Shiso, 2 seedlings of Anise-Hyssop, 2 seedlings of chervil, 2 seedlings of Curled Parsley, 2 seedlings of Toscano Kale, 2 seedlings of starbor kale, 4 seedlings of Swiss Chard, 2 seedlings of Redbor Kale, and 2 seedlings of Oriole Chard.

These seedlings are grown locally in our Mesa, Arizona Urban Farm. Our aeroponic seedlings are 100% naturally grown without the use of pesticides nor herbicides. All seedlings are grown from organic non-GMO seeds. Our seedlings are grown in Coco Coir, which is a 100% certified organic growing medium made from coconut husks. Seedlings are carefully shipped and you can easily plant them on your home Tower Garden®. We ship to the lower 48 States. All orders that are received by Sunday at Midnight will be shipped the following Tuesday.

Tower Garden® Ready
100% Organic Seeds
100% Certified Organic Grow Medium: Coco Coir

100% GMO Free
100% Farm Fresh
100% Pesticide Free
Same Day Shipping
Seedlings arrive within 1-3 days

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Tower Garden Seedlings grown in Coco Coir

We would like to introduce you to our Next Generation Grow Medium. We are transitioning to Coco Coir, which is 100% Certified Organic & OMRI Listed. Coco Coir is made from the coconut husk. What was once considered a waste and a byproduct of the coconut industry is now a major staple of growers all around the world. Coco coir is sought after by most growers for its excellent water holding capacity as well as an amazing ability to transfer nutrients to the plant. In addition, coco coir is organic. This coco coir is minimally processed, which leaves the internal structure of the coir intact and retains its organic nature. Thank you for joining us in growing with the amazing organic material.


Please take these out of the packaging carefully and place directly into your Net Pot on your Tower Garden®. If you have Tower Clips, please poke a hole into the bottom of the Coco Coir casing and place the tower clip into the poked hole. Place the tower clip and Coco Coir into the Tower Garden® together.


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