Basic Tower Garden Class – March 13th

True Garden 5949 E. University Drive Mesa, Mesa

Learn all the essentials of growing produce with an aeroponic Tower Garden. This is the perfect beginners course for those seeking to learn more about the Tower Garden.

Tower Garden Advanced Class – March 20th

Tower Garden advanced class 5949 E. University Drive, Mesa

Class will cover master tower gardening techniques such as:

1. Growing in your tower longer by trimming/harvesting; tower
placement; cooling or heating water in reservoir; Shade Cloth tips too!
2. Tomato trimming/cloning techniques to increase production from
your tower.
3. Botanical pest controls-Best practice.
4. Nutrient deficiencies-identify too much or too little & what to do.
5. Clips or Net pots?
6. Pollination techniques to increase yield.
7. Controlling roots in your tower.
8. Automating multiple towers.
9. Micro Greens for the tower.

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